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Kumaran College of Nursing Inauguration

5 March 2023

In a momentous event on November 5, 2023, Kumaran College of Nursing witnessed the esteemed presence of Dr. Narayanasamy MD DM, the Vice-Chancellor of The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai. The occasion marked the inauguration of this cutting-edge institution, poised to shape the future of nursing education. Dr. Narayanasamy’s visit was more than a courtesy; it symbolized the collaboration between academia and healthcare excellence.

As a distinguished figure in the medical field, Dr. Narayanasamy brought his wealth of knowledge and experience to Kumaran Medical Center. His presence underscored the significance of fostering strong ties between educational institutions and the medical community. The inauguration ceremony served as a platform for envisioning the bright future of nursing education, with a commitment to producing skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals.

The event was not only a celebration of academic achievement but also a testament to the dedication of Kumaran Medical Center towards elevating healthcare education standards. Dr. Narayanasamy’s visit added a touch of prestige to the inauguration, emphasizing the importance of continuous collaboration and innovation in the pursuit of excellence in medical education. The Kumaran Nursing College stands as a beacon of progress, ready to nurture the next generation of healthcare professionals under the guidance of esteemed leaders like Dr. Narayanasamy.

Kumaran College of Nursing Inauguration
Kumaran College of Nursing Inauguration
Kumaran College of Nursing Inauguration
Kumaran College of Nursing Inauguration
Kumaran College of Nursing Inauguration
Kumaran Nursing College

Kumaran Medical Center’s 4th Year Anniversary

5 March 2023

Kumaran Medical Center celebrated four years of providing dedicated healthcare service to our community on March 5th, 2023. The event started with a warm welcome speech by our respected Nursing Incharge Mr. Bala, who was joined by Dr. Santhanam. Dr. Mohanasundar from Anbu Hospital graciously accepted our invitation and participated as the chief guest of the event.

The staff of Kumaran Medical Center shared emotional stories from their experience at the hospital. Among them, Mrs. Vidhya’s family and Mr. Anamalai’s family were honoured for donating their organs after they were declared brain dead. Consequently, the program was occupied by the cheerful cultural performances of the doctors and their team.

The Chairman of Kumaran Medical Center delivered an insightful speech about the journey of the hospital and appreciated the staff for their unwavering dedication. The emotionally exhilarating event came to an end with a vote of thanks from Dr. Ramya Ponnusamy.

anniversary celebration at kumaran medical center
anniversary celebration at kumaran medical center
anniversary celebration at kumaran medical center
anniversary celebration at kumaran medical center
anniversary celebration at kumaran medical center

The Organ Donation in Kumaran Medical Center, Coimbatore

Kumaran Medical Center, is honoured to announce the event of Multi – organ transplantation retrieved from the deceased Mrs .Vidhya 42 yrs female from sathyamangalam who got admitted to our hospital on 28/12/2022 due to Road Traffic Accident, while travelling in a two wheeler, hit by a car at sathyamangalam.

On receiving the patient in the hospital, she was evalauted by the Emergency physician and the Neurosurgeon and was found to have poor GCS of 3/15, which suggest severe traumatic brain injury with severe brain dysfunction. The patient was treated in the critical care unit with optimal neuro critical care monitoring and management.

However, patient remained to be in poor neurological status with absent brainstem reflexes which would point to a condition of brain death status. The same was disclosed to the family members.

However, the family members came forward to consider her for organ donation, so that she may be of benefit to humankind. With the appropriate consent from family members, through proper Government channel, her kidneys, liver, heart, cornea, bones and skin were retrieved by the respective team and was transported to appropriate centers to be transplated to the recipients enlisted by the Government authorities.

With the ability to work on, we extend our sincere Gratitude and the deep condolence to their family.

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Kumaran Medical Center’s 3rd Year Anniversary

Coimbatore, 5 March 2022

Successful 3 years of Kumaran Medical Center

Kumaran Medical Center celebrated its 3rd Year Anniversary on 5 March 2022. The grand anniversary function was held at Kurunji Mahal, Kurumbapalayam, Coimbatore. The hospital has delivered excellence in quality healthcare for the past three years and is now successfully stepping into the fourth year.

Kumaran Medical Center is the most trusted Multi-Speciality Hospital in Coimbatore which has achieved 40,000+ Patients Treated, 14,000+ successful Surgeries, 2000+ Covid Patients Treated, 20,000+ Covid Vaccines, and many other medical services.

The hospital is entering another year with an additional milestone of NABH accreditation. The ceremony was grandly celebrated with its glory. The event grabbed the attention of the partakers, making a memorable day for all who gathered.

Dr. Saravanan delivered a welcome address at the function followed by Chairman Dr. Hari Prasad’s speech. He also expressed his commitment and gratitude towards the Coimbatorian people for investing their trust that resulted in the growth and development of the hospital.

The celebration has got its heart by the performance of all the Kumaran’s doctors. They actively and enthusiastically took part in the cultural events which were enjoyed a lot by their family members.

The efficient team of Kumaran Medical Center was honored at the event by Chairman Dr. Hari Prasad and Dr. Kavitha. The function successfully ends with the vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Santhanam.

“We are glad that our services could reflect a new path in providing a healthy life. The trust we earned inspires us to deliver much more in the future”, said Dr. Hari Prasad, Chairman of the Hospital.

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