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Understanding Epistaxis: Causes, Symptoms, and Emergency Measures

Understanding Epistaxis: Causes, Symptoms, and Emergency Measures

Nasal Bleeding is called as Epistaxis

Its causes are infection, injury, allergic reaction, nose picking, or an object being pushed into the nostril.
Spontaneous ( little area bleeding )
Anticoagulation therapy
Vessel defect etc..

Few more causes
Local trauma
Anatomical irregularities
Topical nasal spray

High Bp
Vascular malfunction cardiovascular diseases
Bleeding disorder

It’s to be taken care and it’s a sign of emergency if

  1. Mode of Onset
  2. Duration and frequency of bleeding
  3. Amount of blood loss
  4. Whether bleeding is an Anterior & posterior
  5. Any known Bleeding tendency in the patient or Family history
  6. Side of Nose from where bleeding is occurring
  7. History of known Medical ailments like BP, Leukemia, Mitral valve disease, Cirrhosis, Nephrite
  8. History or drug intake

Measures to stop the bleeding

  1. Sit upright and lean head slightly forward
  2. Breathe through your mouth
    3.use your thumb and index finger to pinch the soft part of your Nose
  3. Apply an ice pack to the bridge of your Nose

Consult your doctor immediately if you cannot stop the bleeding and it lasts more than 15 Minutes.

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